Things To Do, Tours and Activities in Alanya

Top Tours & Activities in Alanya

The most popular destination of the Turkish Riviera, with countless hotels and many tourist attractions, located approx. 120 km to the east of Antalya, where the international airport is located. The famous resort is surrounded by the Taurus mountains from the north, and by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea from the south. The city has a rich history, with major roles played by the Greeks, the Romans, the Seljuk Turks as well as the pirates who had their base here.

Top Package Tours in Alanya

By choosing Alanya, you have the broadest choice: well-deserved leisure and laziness in the hotel, family vacations in club hotels, group or individual sightseeing tours, extreme sports and water sports or crazy fun until the break of dawn, and very interesting local tours. Alanya is a big city with a lot of places to see. On the day of the "individualist" you can walk in green parks with fountains, visit a great cave, climb up to a powerful fort with a magnificent view, and go on a shopping spree in between

On the day of "madness" you can enjoy a wide range of water sports, play tennis or go bungee jumping or rafting, or for a jeep safari, to feel the adrenaline in your blood. In the night, you must definitely check your dancing skills in the countless discos and clubs, where the fun continues until the morning. On the day of the "veteran" just rest on the beach or at the hotel and do not let the fervent waiters rest for even a moment, especially in all-inclusive hotels. Finally, on the day of the "explorer", you can go on a wonderful trip, even to one of the most beautiful natural wonders on Earth - Cappadocia.