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Also known as the ‘Turkish Riviera’ for its enticing expanses of golden sands and sapphire Mediterranean waters, Alanya is admired for its jaw-dropping vistas. It famously straddles Europe and Asia as well as sitting below the epic Taurus Mountains. This hotspot is not only recognised for its natural beauty, but its fascinating past. Enjoy sun-soaked days surrounded by relics dating back to the 12th century. Then step into a time capsule of history in the Old Town, its symbolic 1,000-year-old fortress allows you to travel back in time as you admire its 140 towers.

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With an idyllic location on the south coast of Turkey, hot days aren’t hard to come by. When dusk falls watch Alanya Harbour light up with party-pumping clubs -afterall, its nightlife has gained a reputation as some of the best in the country. Food and drink in Alanya, Turkey ; Once you sample Turkish cuisine you’ll be running back for more, with its stand-out shawarma wraps stuffed with doner meat and salad, alongside its kofte which is a spicy meatball made up of minced lamb – you can feel your taste buds tingling at the thought alone.
Alanya isn’t shy of high-end restaurants. Foodies will be in awe of the Dinner Restaurant and its fine dining experience – here you can sample grilled shrimp in sweet chilli sauce or fillet steak smothered in garlic butter. Authentic culinary treats can be found at Ravza, where the menu consists of traditional dishes such as Lahmacun, a thinly baked dough topped with minced meat and vegetables.
Prima Restaurant and Hakan Moonlight are both highly rated on TripAdvisor for their Mediterranean flavours and top-notch customer service. Regardless of where you choose to fill your face, finish your meal with a cup of Turkish tea. This is offered as a token of hospitality in almost every eatery and is a great palate cleanser.

Things to do in Alanya, Turkey ; When you’re not admiring ancient ruins, Alanya’s bustling bazaars spread through the cobbled alleyways of the resort centre. Here you’ll be lured in by Persian rugs, handmade jewellery and fake designer goods – don’t forget to bartar to pick up some sensational bargains. Then tackle its epic terrain with jeep safaris and boat excursions to Turkey’s most exclusive spots.
Discover Damlatas Caves ; Accidently discovered in 1948 during mining activities, the Damlatas Caves are now one of Alanya’s most prestigious sites. This excursion allows you to walk among rock formations that were formed over a period of 15,000 years. It has been said that the caves unique air can be beneficial to those who suffer from asthma.
Located on Cleopatra Beach and just west of Alanya Castle, after a few hours of exploration and snapping pictures of this visual phenomenon you can rest knowing an abundance of shops, restaurants and other top landmarks are close by.
Quad bike the Taurus Mountains ; At a staggering 3,756 metres, the Taurus Mountains seek to amaze. Feel the rush as you head on an off-the-road adventure through muddy streams, towering pine forests and cascading waterfalls. It’s five hours of exhilaration, as you ride past major attractions such as the Varda Viaduct, a 322 feet railway bridge and the ancient ruins of Termessos.
This peak stretches from Alanya to the city of Hatay and runs parallel to the Mediterranean, providing awe-inspiring sights. Stop on your quad bikes at must-visit landmarks, while your tour guide explains its history and mythology

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