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Antalya is in south-west Anatolia, on the Mediterranean Gulf of Antalya, approximately 546 kilometres (339 mi) from Ankara, 562 kilometres (349 mi) from Adana, 466 kilometres (290 mi) from Izmir, and 727 kilometres (452 mi) from Istanbul.
The Taurus mountains of southern Anatolia runs parallel to the Mediterranean in an east-west direction, resulting in the formation of narrow coastal plains surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the fourth. Some parts of the coast feature mountains plunging sharply into the sea, forming small natural bays and peninsulas.The Turquoise Coast is the first place to think of when you're considering a seaside vacation in Turkey. It has more and better beaches and resorts than does the Aegean coast, and warmer, saltier water than the Black Sea coast.
Patara : St Nicholas ("Santa Claus") was born here, but visitors now come for the spacious, very long, very uncrowded beach as well as the sand-covered ruins of St Nick's Roman town.
Kalkan : A tiny charming fishing village has become a yacht port with nice little restaurants.
Kaş: A lazy pace governs this nice little resort town far enough from the airports to preserve a lot of its charm.
Üçağız / Kale : Close to Kas, Üçagiz is a tiny village on a cove with a sunken Roman city and an island (Kekova) with a Byzantine one.
Demre / Myra : Dramatic cliff tombs loom above a huge Roman theater, and vegetables grow everywhere in the rich alluvial soil. This is where St Nicholas did his good works, and where he is buried. Stop and say "Hi!" to Santa!
Finike : Once called Phoenicus, Finike is now a sleepy fishing town with a long pebble beach nearby.

Olimpos / Çıralı : Roman ruins scattered in a pine forest, a secluded beach, fertile fields, and the Chimaera, the world's oldest and best-known natural "eternal flame," make Olimpos and Çirali great places to spend a few days.
Phaselis : Once a thriving port shipping timber and rose oil, Phaselis is now a beatiful park backing its three perfect little bays good for a swim.
Kemer : Built as a modern Mediterranean-style resort in the 1980s, Kemer is filled with group tours. it boasts all sorts of hotels and restaurants, a beach, yacht marina, and a park with a Yörük (Turkoman nomad) theme.
Beldibi : The coast north of Kemer is lined with posh self-contained resort complexes.
Antalya : The "capital" of the Turquoise Coast, Antalya has a charming old quarter surrounding its Roman harbor, though most of the sprawling city is modern. Most importantly, it's the coast's transportation hub, with a huge, busy bus terminal and a large, modern international airport.
Belek : This planned resort district 36 km (22 miles) east of Antalya is still under development and will be for years to come, though some of its sprawling resort hotels are finished, complete with golf courses. If you like large resort hotels with many activities, this may be the place for you.

Side/Manavgat : Imagine a traditional Turkish village scattered among the extensive ruins of a Hellenistic-Roman city: that's Side (SEE-deh), and it has a kilometer of fine sand beach on either side. Neighboring Manavgat has a nice waterfall and more practical shopping.
Alanya : Once a small, quiet town favored by Seljuk Turkish sultans on vacation, it's now a large and fast-growing resort for package-tour beach-goers. The promontory at its center is topped by a dramatic Seljuk fortress. Its beaches go on for miles.
Anamur : A craggy fortress with one foot in the sea guards a spooky Byzantine ghost town in this undiscovered beachfront town.
Fethiye : Built on the ruins of an ancient city, Fethiye has age-old stone sarcophagi in its streets and gardens, rock-hewn tombs in a cliff above the town, an active yacht harbor, a vast bay dotted with islands, and all tourist services.
Ölüdeniz : Over the mountains south of Fethiye, this is perhaps Turkey's most beautiful beach, and also its most popular. Informations about list of cities, towns around Antalya and Turkish Riviera, things to do, places to visit, tourist attractions, highlights, temperature, reviews and other knowledges cities, towns, antalya, cities in antalya, towns in antalya, cities around antalya, antalya cities, antalya towns, list, names, locations, informations, turkey antalya, antalya turkey

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