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On the one hand, plazas are rising to the sky, city’s tiring traffic and intense work pressure and on the other hand longed-for sun, warm sand and the smell of the sea. You’ve completed all your tasks. The schools are closed. All the suitcases are packed, and the fuel tanks are filled up. Now, it is time to enjoy summer to the fullest! Kaş – Kekova boat tours are inviting you to a unique and charming trip for this summer. All the vacationers, who want to enliven their holidays, feel the smell of iodine in their lungs and have lots of fun, are taking advantage of the boat tours. Kaş – Kekova boat tours are one of the leading activities that can be made around Kaş area. While the vacationers are enjoying the sun and the sea by joining to the one-day boat tours, the children are having the excitement of getting brand-new adventures.

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Nature’s beauty reveals itself in summer …Hot sand, colourful butterflies and blue Mediterranean waters … Our Kas-Kekova boat tour invites you on a magical trip to experience all of this glamour and more. With a reliable crew, an exciting tour program and excellent service, we offer you the chance to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Life is like an endless journey that starts every morning from scratch. While we are always trying to reach some places, we get lost in the fuss. But there is another type of journey that unveils everything that is good in a human being. Of course, we are talking about the blue voyage… Blue tour, also known as the blue cruise is a type of travel that includes pleasant tours with the boats in different routes. The blue voyage allows you to discover the most beautiful and hidden spots of nature, to relax in virgin bays and to experience a unique holiday with your loved ones. Holidaymakers also have the opportunity of enjoying comfort by utilizing from various service options such as cabins and boat charter, if they wish to. Blue Voyage can be summed up as an entertainment holiday that includes peace, joy, and nature.

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