Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon

Hidden Paradise in Alanya Turkey

Sapadere Canyon also known as a Hidden Paradise is situated 45.1 km from the center of Alanya and it takes approximately 1 hour to get there. Passing through the gorgeous Taurus mountains and magnificient rural landscapes you will fell like you are traveling to the heart of pure nature. All the way from Alanya city to the Sapadere Canyon is very impressive. You will notice a totally different atmosphere there compared to that of the seaside. Sapadere Canyon has the various flora and fauna and there you can see all shades of green. The climate of the area is more temperate especially during the hot summer months. That’s why the canyon became so popular among the locals and tourists who wants to escape from the heat of Alanya resort. Walking though the Canyon with a cold mountain stream and swimming in the natural pools of charming waterfalls are the great ways to refresh yourself.

Sapadere got its name from the words ‘dere’ meaning ‘stream’ and ‘sapa’ meaning ‘hidden, out of the way’. For many years this hidden treasure was only known to the locals until the government of Alanya district and local investors decided to put Sapadere Canyon to the list of tourist attractions. İn 2008 Sapadere Canyon was opened to visitors like a destination of alternative tourism according to the  agreement between the Governor of Alanya Hulusi Doğan, Alanya Forest Management Department and the Headman of the Sapadere Village. By this way the 'Sapadere Culture and Rural Tourism Project' has been completed. 

At the initial stage of this project, the Canyon, water mills, silk weaving factory of Sapadere village and the Sapadere Çayi river, stretching from the Taurus mountains to the sea, started to be used for tourism purposes and became opened to visitors. A nice camping area with numerous tents has been made at the entrance to the Sapadere Canyon. The water mill and silk weaving factory located in the center of the village have been renewed. A nomad tent and a traditional village house have been restored and got a new look. Numerous arbors have been done along the river banks. Thanks to the Governor of Alanya Hulusi Dogan the Sapadere village and the Canyon got a new attractive look without disturbing the natural environment. All of this not only benefited the economy of the village but also gave more people the opportunity to visit this spectacularly beautiful places.

Sapadere Canyon situated 3 km far from the village with a same name became popular very quick and now it is in the list of the top tourist attractions in Alanya. Every year thousands of local and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the pure nature and the gorgeous beauty of the canyon. İf you come here by your own you can easily leave your car at the parking place. All visitors are to pay an admission fee at the entrance to the Canyon (10 tl in 2015). İf you join a Sapadere Canyon group tour from Alanya than the entrance fee will be included into the tour price.

Sapadere Canyon is 360 metres long and nearly 400 metres high. İt was formed by erosion from water, ice and wind. According to the project mentioned above a long wooden walkway was built trough the Canyon to provide an easy access to its beauty for all visitors. This walking platform is specially designed and constructed from wood and steel. İt is absolutely environmentally friendly and can be removed any time when necessary. While walking through the Canyon be ready to see rare plants, different spieces of animals and birds. You will be amazed by the numerous waterfalls rapidly cascading over the rocks. Each waterfall is unique and has its own charming beauty. The most beautiful one you will find at the end of the pathway, 300 meters away from the canyon entrance. This place is a very popular spot for visitors to take photos. So be patient to reach the end of the Canyon to make a memory picture near by the most beautiful waterfall of Sapadere. İf you are brave enough to challenge the cold water you can swim in the natural pool under the waterfall. You can use the surrounding step-ladders to enjoy the refreshing water which is extremely cold even in the hottest time of the year (maximum12°C).

There is a lovely restaurant at the Sapadere Canyon serving delicious local food. You can have lunch there or just enjoy cold drinks and refreshments in the shadow. The staffs are very friendly and hospital. They are always ready to provide you an excellent service. The food is organic, fresh and delicious. You can taste a river trout caught right there from the natural pool. This restaurant generates its own electricity using the energy of the flowing water.

Sapadere Canyon is a wonder of nature and it really worth your visit. Walking through the canyon in the fresh open air, watching the cascading turquoise water and listening to birds is a real theraphy for the human spirit. All year round we organize tours to the Sapadere Canyon by jeep and minibus included entrance fees and lunch at a local restaurant. During the tour you will also visit the near by Sapadere village, go to the silk weaving factory and a village mosque. That will be a great day out in the countryside.  Sapadere Canyon tours from Alanya Turkey holiday villages bus trips,cheap deals packages prices online booking.