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Antalya best travel agency is the only one leading tour company who provides tours in Antalya at very affordable prices with excellent customer services daily attractions things to do reviews. The province of Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera and is home to some of Turkey’s best-known resorts as well as its most popular halal-friendly beach resort hotels. It is a little confusing to some that the main city of the region also shares its name – so there is both a city and a province called Antalya. With a coastline stretching for over 650 km and a dry, sunny Mediterranean climate, it is no surprise that Antalya attracts around 30% of Turkey’s foreign tourists. It is also the halal beach holiday capital of Turkey, and indeed of Europe.

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Antalya is renowned for its golden, sandy beaches, lapped by the clear warm waters of the Mediterranean. In Antalya, Muslim women can enjoy their own private women-only facilities in our halal resort hotels. These have private sandy beaches with separate swimming and sunbathing areas for women, and some have entire women-only sections which also include spa facilities, cafés serving halal food and prayer facilities. For the best hotels with women-only beaches in Antalya, take a look at Wome Deluxe, Adenya Resort, Adin Beach Hotel and Modern Saraylar. The city of Antalya also has the distinction of being home to the first ladies only beach in Turkey to be owned and run by the local municipality. This is known as Sarısu Konyaaltı Kadınlar Plajı (ladies beach), which is situated at one end of Konyaaltı beach, nestled against the mountains. It includes cafés, shops and even a hamam or Turkish Bath.

Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world and our halal-friendly resorts serve a mouth-watering choice of Turkish food and international dishes. Of course, in our resorts all of the food is halal and they are alcohol-free, but the advantage of being in a Muslim country is that if you choose to eat out, you will find that you have an excellent choice of halal restaurants. Unless clearly marked otherwise, all the meat served in Turkey is halal. This includes meat served in international fast food restaurants. It is relatively easy to find alcohol-free restaurants if you steer clear of those aimed at tourists and try more modest local establishments. Enjoy tasty stews, pide which is Turkish flatbread pizza or lahmacun flatbread topped with minced meat and tomato and pepper sauce. Wash down your meal with a fresh fruit juice or the local yoghurt drink ayran, which is extremely refreshing in hot weather. If you have chosen a self-catering holiday in one of our halal-friendly villas in Kalkan, you will find that all food on sale in supermarkets and from local vendors is halal, unless clearly marked otherwise. There is also an impressive range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Check which day the local market takes place in the area in which you are staying.