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Perge Aspendos Side and Kursunlu Waterfalls Guided Tour from Antalya

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Duration : 10-Hours
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Get ready for a fascinating journey into the past. Discover the ancient city of Perge, an impressive archaeological site containing a wealth of ancient ruins. Visit the amphitheatre in Aspendos, one of the best preserved examples of Roman theatre architecture in the world. Explore spectacular ruins of the ancient Side walking through the colonnaded streets down to the old harbour. And have a break in the green environment while visiting Kursunlu Waterfalls Natural Park. Enjoy fresh pine scent, cool atmosphere and spectacular waterfalls. 


Start your journey into history with a visit to the ancient city of Perge. It lies 15 km from Antalya and definitely worth your visit. According to the legend, Perge was founded by a prophet Calchas after the Trojan War. Nowadays it is an impressive archaeological site containing a wealth of ancient ruins, mostly dating back to the Roman period: amphitheater (with a capacity up to 15,000 people), stadium (could hold up to 12,000 people and was used for gladiatorial combats), Roman gates and city walls, the Agora, the Basilica, Roman baths, etc. Walk through the 500-meter-long main street of Perge with numerous columns, explore the nymphaeum (fountain) and acropolis dating back to the Bronze Age.

Continue to Aspendos. It is situated 50 km east of Antalya on the banks of Köprüçay river (ancient name Euromydon). Aspendos was one of the most important cities in Pamphylia, its cultural and economic center. Now it is a very popular tourist sight famous for the Roman amphitheatre built in 155 AD by the architect Zenon during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Theatre of Aspendos is one of the best preserved examples of Roman theatre architecture in the world. Walk up steps of the theater's tiered seating area, admire all the beauty of its galleries and stage decorations. With a capacity up to 15,000 people, amphitheatre is still in use for important cultural events and festivals. Every summer it hosts the annual Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival. The world-famous Turkish dance group Fire of Anatolia presents a new program ‘Aspendos Efsanesi’ (meaning Legend of Aspendos) on the stage of the ancient theatre from May till November. So do not miss the opportunity to visit this gorgeous amphitheatre to fully appreciate its grandeur and undeniable historical value. 

After lunch go to explore the ancient ruins of Side. This spectacular city is situated on a peninsula about 1 km long and 400 m across. Side is a city with long and rich past, as testified by the numerous ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. What can be seen while walking through the ancient city: nymphaeum (fontain), remains of city walls, agora, amphitheatre, colonnaded streets with many of the marble columns, city gates, ruins of the Roman bath, basilica and three temples. The most spectacular sight is a temple of Apollo, situated in the old harbour of Side. Definitely walk down there to enjoy the ancient columns and stunning views over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea. 

On the way back to Antalya enjoy a relaxing soak after a long day of exploring. Visit an amazingly beautiful Kursunlu Waterfalls Natural Park, one of the most visited natural attractions in Antalya region. Enjoy green environment, fresh air and pine scent, cool atmosphere and spectacular waterfalls. This park is especially pleasant to visit during hot summer days. The way to waterfall requires going down the stairs. Stop for a photo near the old mill and then admire an incredible beauty of the turquoise water cascading from the height of 18 meters. Kursunlu waterfall is not big but its very spectacular. Do not leave this place without taking a picture behind the water flow. Then enjoy walking along the river with turquoise waters passing some wooden bridges and plant’s tunnels. On the way watch ducks, river trouts and try to see the small crabs hiding under the stones.


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